G&A Surveillance - Vision 4000


Vision Based Intelligent Video Surveillance




Video Input

  • 4~32 analog cameras (NTSC/PAL), selected IP cameras (including megapixel cameras), or hybrid combination (of analog and IP cameras)


Audio Input

  • 1, 4, 8


Screen Display

  • Full Screen, 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16 Split-Screen Display, Loop Display



  • 320x240, 640x240, 640x480 (de-interlace), full D1 (NTSC: 720x480, PAL: 720x576)


Rate (Per Camera)

  • 30 fps (NTSC); 25 fps (PAL)



Video Compression Format

  • Motion-JPEG, HM (MPEG-4 Like)




  • English, French, Danish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.



Product Features


Recording & Viewing

  • Provide five recording modes: non-stop recording, non-stop smart recording, event recording, time-Lapse recording and schedule recording

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue for a clearer view

  • Support digital zoom in to view specific areas

  • Built-in Wide Dynamic Vision Pack provides visibility enhancement, sharpness adjustment and noise reduction



Playback & Search

  • Playback 16 video records simultaneously

  • Search video records by camera, data, event types and time segments just in seconds

  • Intelligent Search includes advanced motion search, and missing & left object search



  • Easy to detect suspicious circumstances with motion detection (with object size filtering), sensor detection and manual detection

  • Missing & left object detection sends warnings when a suspicious object is left or missing from the camera view for a period of time

  • Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects pass the pre-defined lines

  • Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in the predefined lines

  • Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in the predefined secure area

  • Flame Detection* notifies users while detecting flames

  • Flow Counting shows the number of objects passing a predefined line or area


Event Notification

  • Send event notifications by phone, email, fax, siren, flash and FTP event images

  • Manually trigger events in a full screen display

  • Attach event snapshots with email notifications

  • Notify video loss

  • Automatically generate events reports emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


PTZ Camera Control

  • Provide advanced PTZ camera control functions, such as iris control, pan/tilt speed adjustment, auto-loop/auto-pan, and PTZ control over a joysticks/keyboard

  • Direct PTZ Camera Control provides auto close-up on the region of interest to turn the region into a full-screen display automatically

  • I/O sensors can trigger the PTZ camera to present positions when events happen

  • PTZ camera automatically tracks a moving object with PTZ Camera Auto Tracking function



Remote Viewing & Control


  • Supports remote viewing via standard web browsers, PDA (WinCE) and mobile phones

  • View web cam pages at the Dynamic IP server

  • Support remote viewing, recording, playback, DVR setup and video records retrieve



Solution (CMS)


  • Monitor up to 500 remote DVR sites

  • Support dual screens and 64 video display

  • Receive & manage events notifications from remote DVR site

  • Generate event logs for archives & search

  • Remotely control PTZ camera or trigger I/O devices

  • Real-time, two-way voice communication b/w DVR servers and clients


Backup & Share

  • Backup video records manually or by schedule

  • Directly backup recording files to CD/DVD

  • Snapshot a video frame for printing or save a BMP or JPEG file with digital watermark

  • Export video records to an AVI file or a self-executable file (exe). The self- executable file is embedded with digital authentication and password protection


Access Control &

  • Multiple levels of access control by cameras and by authorities

  • Centralized Access Control to simplify DVR operation in LAN

  • The SmartFile Management Technology avoids disk fragmentation and increase system stability


  • Provide hardware watchdog for system recovery


  • Support I/O devices up to 16 sensor inputs and 16 relay outputs

  • Provide E-map that lays out the locations of video cameras, sensor and alarm devices

  • Task Scheduling on recording, event detection and event notification

  • Auto Windows & DVR log-in



1. *Means optional features in G&A Surveillance 4000
2. Dual VGA monitors are required for 32CH DVR display.
3. G&A Surveillance is continuously in research and development and therefore reserves the right

    to alter specifications without prior notices.

2010 - present

2010 - present

If you think that DVR-based security systems mean having to sit through hours and hours of video to search for a few minutes of evidence, think again!  G&A ‘s Smart Search function prevents your organization from having to waste time or spreading your staff too thin just to look for a certain section. G&A ‘s Smart Search function helps you shorten investigation time with three special features: unique size filtering, advanced motion search, and missing and left object search.


Other than conventional DVR functions, G&A offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analytic, such as smart search and object detection.  G&A provides several different client programs, which includes the following: Remote Viewer, PDA  and Phones, which allows you to control, monitor and record surveillance video from a remote computer or with your handheld devices, like IPhone, Blackberry, Droid, and IPad.

Video Content Analytics Smart Detection