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Remote Surveillance for Android and Blackberry is Ready NOW!

As you may notice that international businesses have rocketed around the globe recent years, people mostly count on mobile devices to deal with their businesses and security issues in particular.


G&A have heard your request and proudly announced our G&A Remote surveillance solution for mainstream mobile devices such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Windows Phone.


With simple touch and rotating to zoom in/out on your mobile phone, remote surveillance will be always on the way.

For Android and Blackberry users, G&A Remote iViewer is now available for them to view high quality video surveillance via their own mobile devices.  Just like operating on your computer, your small mobile device can be a good extension of G&A Vision surveillance system for remote viewing without limitation.



  • One touch snapshot

  • Easy to operate

  • On-screen PTZ control

  • Single/4 split screen


Support quickly switch channel by dragging on video display


Want to get G&A Remote iViewer for your mobile phone?

G&A can help by calling 1-214-882-9938


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