TSU student arrested, accused of setting fire inside dorm

KHOU.com Staff11:41 a.m. CST January 28, 2015


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HOUSTON --A Texas Southern University student was arrested and charged with felony arson after he allegedly set a fire inside a dorm.

The fire started at about 5 a.m. Monday inside the men's restroom located on the third floor of the Lanier building in the 3500 block of Blodgett.

Investigators said motion-activated surveillance video captured Kavon Lee entering the men's restroom, and then about 25 seconds later, the building's fire alarm sounded as he exited the restroom.

During an interview at the Houston Arson Bureau Headquarters Lee told investigators that he set fire to a paper towel in the men's restroom before throwing the burning paper unto the floor, according to court documents. The paper towel ignited other combustibles that were located in the area, investigators said.

After exiting the restroom, investigators said Lee went back to his room located on the second floor.

Lee's bail was set a $20,000.