1) High  Lower Price

  •  A well known benefit of selling direct is the ability to offer high quality products at lower prices.

  • When you buy from G&A, you don't have to sacrifice performance for price.

  • Our customers simply get more, for less.


2) Latest Technology

  • A direct relationship with our customers allows G&A to better understand demand for our products and introduce new products as they are available.

  • These advantages help to insure that we have the solution you need; when you want them,

         - While our competitors are still promoting yesterday's technology.


3) Customer Driven Design

  • Direct feedback from our customers has a tremendous influence on product development

            - from performance to usability

            - allows G&A to be more responsive to the changing needs of the market.

  • G&A also cutomize solutions to meet our customers specific needs

            - A capability made possible by a direct relationship


4) Knowledgable Support

We take technical support very serious.  G&A employs as many technical resources as we do sales resources. Buying from G&A provides access to our team of experts who are involved in every aspect of product development - from design and testing to support.


5) Guaranteed Reliability

  • If a product does not meet customer expectations; once we hear about it, from our customers, we make the necessary adjustments to deliver a positive experience.

  • This direct feedback, combined with control of product development,

                - empowers G&A to build extremely reliable solutions,

                - backed by industry leading warranties and free lifetime technical support,

   Simply put we stand by our products.

G&A Customers Advantages

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