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Flame Detection*

Sends notifications when flames are detected in the

pre-defined area. (optional)

Flame Detection Pro**

Car Plate Detection* can detect car plate and log them in the surveillance video. This detecting function is becoming more important for parking lot and the entrance of areas, and it is easily set up with simple procedures as other detections.



G&A offers a comprehensive range of complete and integrated solutions for public, business and residential property.

Our video surveillance systems are designed to monitor public areas; commercial office buildings; parking lots, storage facilities; schools and universities; out-patient facilities; warehouses; and transportation terminals.

G&A Surveillence offers the most comprehensive range of video management solutions on the market. G&A Vision 4000 PC-based products makes it easy to remotely manage access, store, and secure your surveillance video. By integrating with your current IT environment, our solutions offer greater flexibility, scalability and advanced functionality compared with traditional video surveillance and security systems – all at an affordable cost.


Key Services:

  • CCTV Installation

  • Card Access Systems

  • Video Monitoring

  • In-Home Security Alarm Systems

Face Detection* can detect human faces and log them in the surveillance video.  Security personnel will be able to find out who entered/left the entrance of restricted areas and what time. 


The system will also alarm if a human face is detected in the forbidden area.

Video Stabilization* analyzes and stabilizes surveillance video when the camera installed outdoors is shaking.


Missing Object Detection*

Detects and distinguishes

gender faces and log them

into the surveillance video

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